How to transfer Binance USD to Avalanche USDC

Sunday, March 27th, 2022
binance to avalanche

420 DAO will officially launch on Avalanche network. Here is a little guidance of how to transfer USD on Binance to USDC on Avalanche.

If you have stablecoins on Ethereum: first, bridge your stablecoins from Ethereum to Avalanche using the official bridge https://bridge.avax.network/

If you have stablecoins on BSC (BNB Smart Chain) or other chains: first, bridge your stablecoins from BSC (or other chains) to Avalanche using https://synapseprotocol.com/ 

Once your stablecoins on Avalanche, convert them to native USDC (if they aren’t already) using https://app.platypus.finance/swap 

Choose USDC which is the native USD Circle coin (i.e not USDC.e which is the bridged version). Native USDC is more secure as it doesn’t rely on a bridge’s security and is also redeemable with the issuer.

If you have your stable coins in a centralized exchange (e.g. Binance), first transfer them to Ethereum or BSC and apply the steps above.

Note that Binance is adding support for stablecoins on Avalanche C-chain, so in the near future, you can directly transfer them from Binance into Avalanche C-chain.

binance to avalanche

Hope this guide help. If you have any questions please give us a shout!
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