420 DAO

A coordinating and supporting body for the development of decentralized economies

Together we build the right decentralized digital future


27,963,424.67 tokens


What 420 DAO does

420 Token

Every mechanism is informed by the magic number 420.

1 Daily auctions

420 DAO acquires new members via auctions of its governance tokens. Each day during the first 420 days a.k.a the γ-phase, there are a maximum of 420,000 tokens released, among them 100,000 tokens are publicly batch-auctioned.

2 Grow the Treasury

The capital then flows to grow the Treasury. A community-owned insurance fund is designed for risk management purposes and an operational budget is provisioned at protocol level.

3 Staking reward

Exponentially compounding your returns by staking early and staying in the pool. Additional harmonic rewards are shared only among the committed members.


APY 420000%

*Extrapolated from the first days’ rewards

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Total Supply 420000000

* Reaches in no less than 12 years

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Three layers of value protection for members

I. Floor price

The protocol makes sure new members contribute positively to the DAO as a whole. We come to join 420 DAO to add value, not to extract it.

II. Intrinsic value

Being Treasury-backed, 420 tokens have strictly positive intrinsic value. Markets must always be trading above the intrinsic value or one can make free money. In fact, the market price is generally 6x higher than the intrinsic value.

III. Membership value

First-seen in crypto yet sensible concept which means long-term-focused members are the true deciders of the Treasury. When one leaves the DAO, one also forgoes the membership value for the benefit of the remaining community.

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